False Alarm Management Program
Streamline – False Alarm is a system developed to Register, Monitor, Notify and Bill False Alarm Responses for Emergency Responders. Streamline – False Alarm can reduce the impact of false alarm responses by your Department, regardless of police or fire, which makes it the perfect choice for both. Our unique system is 100% hassle and worry free, and best of all is hosted, so it requires minimal IT support.Never worry about capturing and calculating False Alarm runs again. Our proprietary system will monitor your CAD or RMS system, notify users of their False Alarm events, bill abusers and collect and process payments with simple “one step” technology. Our accuracy and simplicity is unmatched. Whether you want to manage your own alarms or allow us to manage your program, our system is transparent, simple, efficient and effective. No other can rival its simplicity and its accuracy.Whether you register users or not, our system will identify offenders based on your ordinance, no mater how complex, notify them, bill them and account for them. And more importantly, provide you with current data exported directly to your CAD or RMS to assure your data is accurate and up to date.


This simple web based portal allows your clients to register their alarm information, emergency contact, owner, key holder, and financially responsible party. (This data can be exported to your CAD or RMS to update so you have current data annually)
Our system will monitor for false alarm codes and once identified, put them through our calculator to determine the status. This status is then shown within our monitoring and processing site with prompts for directions to handle.
Once a false alarm is identified, our system will notify offenders under the threshold that they have had an event. For departments that allow multiple events below threshold, the number will be identified and included within the communication to the offender.
On billable events, the bill will automatically be prepared and placed in a queue to be delivered to the customer (either electronically or by mail – your choice).
Once billed, our system will track and remind of the status of any account. It can be set to send auto-reminders or to prompt your or our staff to follow up. It is truly a remarkable program and has allowed us to average over 95% on our collections from False Alarms without the use of a collection agency.


False Alarm Management Program
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